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Eiza Gonzalez Says She & Liam Hemsworth Are ‘In Love’

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elizaLiam Hemsworth moves fast! Or at least, his new belle, Eiza, thinks he does! Eiza’s friends revealed that she and Liam are not only dating, but that they are also in love!

It hasn’t even been a week since he officially split from Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth has already been spotted out with a sexy new woman. And what looked like just a steamy kiss might actually be much more according to Eiza Gonzalez‘s friends. Has Liam found another Miley?


Eiza Gonzalez’s Friends Reveal Private Life With Liam Hemsworth

Eiza’s friends are now saying that sparks were flying almost immediately when Eiza and Liam met, according to Life & Style.

“They met in Las Vegas at XS Nightclub during the Mayweather fight in the VIP section,” the friend tells Life & Style. “They spent that night together! Eiza says they are in love! They’ve moved really fast.”

You can say that again! Only one day after they were spotted together, Miley publicly called off her engagement with Liam on Sept. 16. That same day, Liam was with Eiza, and was laterphotographed kissing her outside her Beverly Hills apartment!

Liam Hemsworth: Eiza Gonzalez Reminds Him Of The ‘Old Miley Cyrus’

Perhaps Liam has a good reason for being attracted to Eiza — she reminds him of the way Miley used to be!

“All Miley’s friends are telling her that Eiza looks like an imitation of her — well, the old version of her before she cut her hair,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Eiza looks so much like the old Miley, the way she was back when she and Liam first fell in love.”

Not only does Eiza have the same dark hair extensions and the same style Miley used to have, but she also has the same heart tattoo on her finger! Seems like Liam might still be hung up on Miley after all!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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  • VixB

    Fuck this guy. All I see now is an asshole who cant keep it in his pants for more than a weeks after ending a long-term relationship. Don’t even want to watch his movies anymore.

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