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Rihanna Sizzles in Behind-the-Scenes Look at Rogue Fragrance Campaign

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rs_560x415-130913090921-1024.Rihanna-Sizzle2.jl.091313_copyRihanna‘s gone rogue—and from the looks of things, we’d say the style definitely suits her!

The singer already debuted the ultra-sultry campaign ad for her Rogue fragrance—where she stripped down to nothing but panties and stilettos!—and now she’s giving us a peek the rest of the equally hot campaign shoot.

Clad in an itsy-bitsy black dress with spaghetti straps that keep slipping off her shoulders, RiRi seductively smolders for the camera as her song “Right Now” plays.

Sitting on a chair in a dramatically lit room, the Barbadian beauty works her best angles to give us sneaky peeks of her many tattoos and to show off her old-school retro curls.

And speaking of old school, she takes a style note from classic fashion icon Jackie O, arriving at the shoot in a glamorous sunglasses-and-headscarf combo that’s totally reminiscent of the former first lady.

Though Rihanna definitely seemed to leave hair and makeup to the pros—a behind-the-scenes shot shows her on her cell phone while an artist works on her eye makeup—she seemed a little more hands-on when it came to her wardrobe choices, trying on accessories in between shots.

We can’t say we’re surprised, seeing as she’s helped design her clothing line for River Island.

Consider her a rogue who definitely knows what’s en vogue—and knows how to work the camera!rs_560x415-130913090919-1024.Rihanna-Sizzle.jl.091313_copyFollow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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