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Everything That Made Anna Wintour Smile at New York Fashion Week

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rs_560x415-130913145205-1024.anna-wintour-not-smiling-nyfw.mhAnna Wintour is notoriously not an easy lady to please. If you close your eyes and imagine the Vogue editrix—go on, close your eyes and imagine her—you pictured a frown wearing a short blonde bob and big sunglasses, didn’t you? (Also, see above.)

But while the devil may wear Prada, she also occasionally wears a smile too. So we decided to keep track of everything at New York Fashion Week that made Anna Wintour smile. Here is the comprehensive list:



The Beckhams:

Specifically, budding NYFW icon Harper Beckham.

Finding out she’s sitting in the front row:

As if she would sit anywhere else.

When Grace Coddington matches her shoes to her hair:

Middle school slow dancing with Marc Jacobs:

(That’s probably what’s happening here.)

The back of Alicia Keys‘ head:

Talking about basketball:

Anna Wintour looooooves basketball. Here she is talking about three pointers and defense and the ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls with NBA player Russell Westbrook. Go Oklahoma City Thunder!

When Hilary Swank can’t figure out what camera to look at:

Over here, Million Dollar Baby.

Telling Vogue inside jokes that she would tell you, but you just wouldn’t understand:

Here, Hamish Bowles, Vogue‘s internation editor at large, is wearing paisley and being hilarious, as evident by Vogue editor Virginia Smith‘s “Can you believe this guy?!” expression.


Specifically, walking down them.

Imagining Nicole Kidman being hit by a bike:

Just kidding! (But you don’t have to just imagine it anymore, Anna.)

Being Anna Wintour:


PHOTO:  Anna Wintour Smile at New York Fashion Week


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