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Kanye West: Why He Wants Kim Kardashian & North To Come On Tour

Published on September 8, 2013 by   ·   No Comments Kanye prepares to embark on a 23-city tour, there’s no way he wants to do it alone! A source close to Yeezy tells EXCLUSIVELY why he wants to bring the family on the road.

When Kanye West announced that he’d be going on a North American tour to support his album, Yeezy, the big question was whether or not Kim Kardashian and their baby daughter North West would be joining him. And if Kanye has anything to do it with it, they will be!


Kanye West: Why He Wants Kim Kardashian & North To Come With Him

“He wants nothing more than to have his family with him,” a source close to Kanye tells exclusively. Kanye will be in his element, sending huge crowds into pandemonium, and the source says that he wants his two favorite girls to be witnesses to that.

“Seeing him on stage performing and being great, he wants that a lot.”

And on the sweeter side, Kanye can’t imagine parting with his baby girl, North. “He’s a new dad and he straight up hates leaving his daughter even if it’s for a few hours,” the source says. “All this work — traveling back and forth — is for her and Kim.”

Does Kim Kardashian Want To Follow Kanye West On Tour?

The source says that chances are very good that the whole family packs up for the Yeezus tour, because Kanye isn’t the only one who wants to go!

“Kim’s down,” the source asserts. “They’re working on all that now and chances are Kim and the baby are going. Kim wants to anyways and whatever she wants, she gets.”

Looks like we should be preparing for the whole merry band to hit the road! And even though you know Kanye is going to fierce on stage, we’re really only going to be thinking about all the cute stuff he’s doing with North behind the scenes.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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