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Lady Gaga Steps Out Wearing A Flashdance Costume with a Mosquito Net Veil

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rs_634x1024-130830102551-634.Lady-Gaga-Netting.jl.083013Why do we always feel like we’re playing fashion detective when Lady Gaga is involved?

Probably because there is rarely any rhyme or reason to her ridiculous style! The avant guard attire is something we can get behind, but this dance workout meets mosquito-net get-up is beyond our understanding! So, once again, let the guessing games begin!

Option A. After an intense dance work out (flat shoes would make things a lot easier Gaga…), the “Applause” singer covered up so the paps couldn’t catch her sweaty face?

Option B. Lady Gaga is taking a cue from Michael Jackson’s former playbook: never step out without your veil on. Unfortunately hers is totally see-through plus we already know what she looks like.

Option C. She’s practicing her walk down the aisle for her eventual all-black wedding?

The truth is, there’s a world in which it’s a combo of A, B, and C. For now, tell us which guess you like best in comments!

PHOTOS: Check out some shots of Lady Gaga in slightly more normal styles!


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