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Flash Back Friday, VMA’s Edition: When Christina Aguilera Tied a Scarf Around Her Boobs and Called It A Day

Published on August 24, 2013 by   ·   No Comments honor of Fashion Police “flashing back” to a brand NEW time (check us out on Fridays, 9/8c on E!) and the upcoming VMA’s (check those out this Sunday), we thought we’d offer a little trip back in time…to the time that Christina Aguilera thought this look could pass as clothing…

Not only is this barely-there scarf a far cry from red carpet ready, but the “Feel This Moment” singer paired it with the shortest shorts we’ve ever seen—in public, at least.

Luckily Christina changed into something more performance appropriate for her in-show song, and even more luckily, this look didn’t become a hot new trend. Frankly, we still wonder if it was all the result of a wardrobe malfunction. The “Moves Like Jagger” singer’s real dress got damaged on the limo ride over, and she had to improvise with her assistant’s shorts and scarf?

Whatever the reason, we’re glad it’s relegated to the former fashion files. Check out all the newest fashion news during Fashion Police‘s hot new time slot, 9/8c on E!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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