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Lily Collins Steps Out in Her Third Cropped Top Combo in a Row!

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rs_634x1024-130821110347-634.Lily.jl.082113_copyOne cropped top on the red carpet is an edgy choice. Two cropped tops on the red carpet is jumping on board with the trend. But three cropped tops on three different red carpets means Lily Collins has a total, belly-bearing obsession!

We’ve seen other stars (ahem, Vanessa Hudgens…) fall victim to a similar style hat trick, but what makes the Blind Side star’s situation particularly interesting is that prior to these stomach slices, she was an incredibly demure dresser.

Lily’s latest combo—a Paper London top and dramatic Halston Heritage skirt—is more reserved than the two prior (especially that bustier and leather pants look), but she’s still showing a whole ‘lotta abs for formal attire.

Maybe this is a whole new version of the Mirror, Mirror actress. She’s starring in a dark, romantic film and she’s bringing some dark, edgy style.

Or maybe she got jealous of all the other starlets showing off their stomachs and decided she had just as much to flaunt. We have a feeling that’s the more likely motivation…rs_634x1024-130821111134-634.LilyC.jl.082113 rs_634x1024-130814100253-634.Lily.jl.081413Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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