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Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Teen Wolf, Scandal, The Following, Grey’s Anatomy and More!

Published on August 20, 2013 by   ·   No Comments and romance, what a wonderfully twisted combination, no?

Well, it’s one tasty cocktail that we’ve conjured up for you in today’s Spoiler Chat, which features scoop on the status of a Teen Wolf  love triangle when the show returns in January, as well as an update on the well-being of a fan favorite on The Following when season two kicks off.

Oh, and we’ve also got details on a death going down on Scandal, as well as spoilers on the Grey’s Anatomy season 10 premiere, Once Upon a Time‘s new lady and more…

Beth: So excited to hear that Timothy Olyphant is guesting on The Mindy Project! Any details on his character other than the fact that he’s a skater?
Dude has got one hell of a hookup at Chipotle, which is where he chooses to take Mindy on their date. First comes burritos, then comes love?

Sabrina: While I loved the Teen Wolf finale I was kind of let down by the lack of Stiles and Lydia goodness! Any hope for more of them in season 3?
While executive producer Jeff Davis told us “there’s always hope” for Stiles and Lydia, fans can expect to see a lot happen between our favorite Banshee and a well-muscled Alpha when the MTV hit returns in January. “Things definitely get complicated between Aiden and Lydia because we’ve taken the twins from bad guys to good guys and that’s a lot to live up to for them. They’ve got a lot to prove.”

Elena: Missing my bb Mike Weston from The Following, so please keep me updated on his status.
His status in the premiere: Butting heads with the boss’ niece! In case you didn’t already know, season two will introduce us to Ryan Hardy’s niece, and she gets off on the wrongFiona: Sad to see Sandra leaving Grey’s, but I’m a Bailey girl! What’s my favorite doc up to?
Trying to keep it together, and according to Chandra Wilson, she won’t be succeeding at that. Though she says Bailey “came back into her own” by saving Meredith in the finale, going forward she’ll still have to deal with being responsible for two patients dying from staph infection. Those damn gloves! “It lives with her,” Wilson tells us. “Her hands are her most important thing.” Another little tidbit about the season 10 premiere: It picks up right where we left off, with hopefully the Chief getting up off the floor.

foot with Weston. But, their back and forth banter is definitely leaning toward the “sparks fly” side of things. Weston getting involved with Ryan’s niece? That’s probably not a good idea, but the fallout from it will be so deliciously entertaining!

Pauline in Columbus, Ohio: Still squealing over the news that Joanna Garcia will be playing Ariel on Once! When will we see her?
We’re guessing episode six, since it is tentatively titled “Ariel.” A not-so-subtle hint, eh? And do you know what other Disney tale has mermaids in it? Peter Pan. We’re just saying.

Tess in Boston: Loved all of the Scandal interviews you’ve posted recently, but would love even more scoop. Yes, I’m buttering you guys up. Hoping it works!
Flattery will get you everywhere. We also look like we lost weight, right? Of course! Anyway, a death will rock Fitz’s world in episode four (don’t worry, it’s not a main castmember), and for some mysterious reason, he will be feeling loads of guilt over it. This shouldn’t shock any Scandal fans, but the POTUS is definitely hiding something. And you better believe that secret will come out at the most inopportune

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