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True Blood Season 6 Finale Recap: 2 Major Deaths, a Time Jump and Full Frontal Nudity!

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rs_560x415-130818203701-1024.TrueBlood.Gallery3.8.18.13.JMD_copySpoiler Alert: Do not read the following article if you’ve yet to watch True Blood’s finale. Seriously. If you complain about spoilers in the comments, you are the opposite of Batman. For everyone else who watched, feel free to continue reading!

We sincerely hope Bon Temps’ residents kept out their funeral best after mourning Terry’s (Todd Lowe) tragic death ’cause yet another major True Blood character died in the season six finale on Sunday night.

Oh wait, there wasn’t just one big death, there were two! Not only did Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) paramour Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) end up on the receiving end of a stake to the heart, Eric Northman Alexander Skarsgård) aka one of the series’ most beloved characters, also seemingly bit the dust. (Excuse us while we go sob into our life-size pillow of Eric for a moment.) So how’d the deaths go down? And

Though he tried to convince Sookie he was truly in love with her and wanted to get married, Warlow revealed his true colors when our heroine asked if they could take things slow. His true colors being wanting to use Sookie purely for some S&B (sex and blood, duh)! Fortunately, Bill (Stephen Moyer), Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Sookie’s great grandfather Niall (Rutger Hauer) were able to save her and kill Warlow. Is it bad that we’ll miss the psycho vamp?!

Sounds good, right? Too bad his death seemingly triggered Eric’s, who was just minding his own business while sunbathing in Sweden. In the nude. We’re talking full frontal nude here, people, where we got to see everything Eric is working with. (Best. Scene. Ever. Yes, or yes?) Alas, after Warlow is staked, Eric exploded in the sun as his day-walking powers died along with Warlow.

Yes, True Blood totally went there and bought property. Maybe? Hard to say if Eric is 100 percent dead as the show then jumped ahead six months…and never showed us the tall, blond and handsome vamp again. Gah! (Fingers crossed that Pam got to him in time to save him!)

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