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Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire Talk Coming Together for The Great Gatsby

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imagesHow did Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire end up on The Great Gatsby?

The super star actors are giving us the scoop.

In a sit-down, DiCaprio and Maguire revealed how director Baz Luhrmann brought them on to make the movie rendition of the iconic novel The Great Gatsby.

DiCaprio said Baz told him, “I’ve gotten the rights to this and I want to take this on. Not only is it a very daunting and scary concept, but it means you will have a lot of responsibilty to make a memorable, good film that can be spoken in the same breath as the novel.”

And when it came to who Leo wanted on board to share that responsibility, the actor reveals it was none other than Maguire.

“I got a call from Leonardo Dicaprio and he said, ‘I just talked to Baz and he was talking about me and you for Gatsby and Nick,'” Maguire said. “The three of us [then] got together and hung out for a couple of hours.”

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