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Angelina Jolie Double Mastectomy Surgeon Kristi Funk: Star Wanted “Perfect Timing”

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169915905-210x300Angelina Jolie’s decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy earlier this year made headlines around the world, and now the surgeon who performed the operation is speaking out.

Dr. Kristi Funk tells Los Angeles Magazine that Jolie ”waited to find the perfect timing in her personal and professional life, but I think most importantly in her soul” to go public with her health status.

“She is intensely private, but she calculated the moment when she would be ready to reveal something so personal,” explains Funk.

She tells the magazine, ”When someone who is arguably the most beautiful woman in the world removes the part of her body that is symbolic of femininity and sexuality, you have to say, ‘Why would she do that?’”

Funk credits Jolie’s humanitarianism as the reason for going public.

“She knew always that in her philanthropic core she couldn’t keep this a secret and be who she is,” explains the doctor. “She always knew.”LA0913_300-228x300

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