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Rihanna May Be Wearing An Entire Zebra On Her Body!

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rs_634x1024-130816101637-634.Rihanna.081613We’ve seen Rihanna wear see-through dresses, head-to-toe menswear, and a bathrobe as a dress, but this tops the list.

The Diamonds World Tour headliner appears to be wearing the skin of an entire zebra! And as if that wasn’t weird enough, the get-up has a goat hair collar! Tom Ford has outdone himself with this way out there style, but at least he found a customer in the queen of all things edgy.

We personally feel like this look would be perfect for a 101 Dalmations remake starring the “Right Now” singer as a zebra-hating Cruella de Vil. Or maybe it would be better as a Halloween look for a black tie costume ball?

Though, knowing Rihanna, this could just as easily be an outfit for a casual dinner or afternoon shopping trip. Let’s just hope she doesn’t bump into any other wild animals in her travels. This dress isn’t exactly fit for escaping predators.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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