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Happy Birthday, Madonna! Star Continues To Shock and Surprise Fans at 55

Published on August 16, 2013 by   ·   No Comments’s a very special day for the Queen of Pop!

That’s right, our favorite “Material Girl,” Madonna, is celebrating her big 55th birthday today.

The mother of four had quite the year as she spoke out for several causes extremely important to her.

Madonna rejoiced this June when the Supreme Court ruled on DOMA and Prop. 8. “I’m smiling from ear to ear,” the singer said in a statement when she learned same-sex couples could marry in California. “There is a G-D! Justice is served. Hallelujah!”

Madonna has also made some seriously big, bold statements on the red carpet.

Before she presented Anderson Cooper with a GLAAD Award this past March, the “Vogue” singer dressed up in a Cub Scout uniform in protest of the organization’s gay ban.

And at the glamorous Met Gala in May, Madonna reclaimed her thrown as the queen of wild style with a black wig, shredded fishnet mini and matching tights. She later spent the evening with celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé.

Regardless of what she’s wearing or what comes out of her mouth, there’s no denying the talent Madonna possess today.

This year alone, she beat Bruce Springsteen to become Billboard‘s top moneymaker in music.  She also reached a whopping net worth of—wait for it–$1 billion.

Before we put our favorite Madge songs on replay (“Holiday,” “Music” or “Like a Prayer” anybody?), the pop superstar had one request on her Instagram this special day.

“Thank u all for your #birthday love! Help me celebrate my birthday, by donating to Raising Malawi to support the work of one of my Heroes, Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Eric Borgstein: Revolution of LOVE!”

We’ve got nothing but love for you Madonna. Happy Birthday! @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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