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Olivier Martinez Shows Us His Baguette—Again and Again!

Published on August 15, 2013 by   ·   No Comments actor has been spotted leaving the grocery store with a baguette in hand numerous times (well, one time it was Nahla Aubry, who we assume was carrying the bread for her stepdad).

Perhaps the 47-year-old French native simply has a carb addition. Who could blame him? We all love carbs!

Or maybe the father-to-be is fulfilling the cravings of his pregnant wife. The two were engaged in early 2012 and announced they were expecying their first child together in April of this year.

The parents-to-be have since then tied the knot with a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France.

When Martinez confirmed the gender news of his baby, he told People,  “My son will remain an American, but I will remain French.”

Clearly, he remains loyal to his words…and the French baguette.

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