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Maria Menounos to Make WWE Return to Face-Off Against Total Divas

Published on August 15, 2013 by   ·   No Comments honestly didn’t see this coming…

Maria Menounos is making her WWE return for a special Diva match this Sunday at Summerslam Axxess. She will be teaming up with Total Divas star Nattie, better known by her wrestling name Natalya, and will be facing Brie Bella from The Bella Twins in the ring.

We’re used to seeing a very composed and very sexy Maria hosting EXTRA or shaking her groove thing as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, but before all that, she’s been a WWE fan and has actually been in several Diva tag team matches!

After sending a supportive tweet to Nattie, The Bella Twins responded to Maria in a rude way. It all went downhill from there and they ended up in a Twitter fight. Well, now it’s going to be an actual fight!

WWE announced that Maria will be joining Nattie to fight Brie Bella and a TBD Diva for an all-out Diva tag team match. Nikki Bella is currently injured and might not be cleared for the match.

We’re hoping Eva Marie joins the fight and shows her moves in the ring! But we might be a little bit biased…

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