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Danny DeVito Dances, Makes Baseball Twin Nick Punto’s Night During Dodger Victory

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The Los Angeles Dodgers kicked butt again Monday night, but it was the fans who ended up the real winners.

rs_560x415-130814173748-1024.Devito.Dodgers.081413Danny Devito may be no Katherine Webb, but the veteran actor easily stole the spotlight from the sidelines during the team’s 4-2 victory over the Mets at Dodger Stadium.

At the behest of outfielder Skip Schumaker, who in the past had jokingly compared teammate Nick Punto to DeVito due to his shorter-than-some stature, DeVito good-naturedly donned a No. 7 Punto jersey during Monday’s game.

Which would have just been a nice gesture on its own, but Punto actually homered in the seventh inning, prompting a celebratory fist-pump-for-the-ages from DeVito, who was sitting right behind the Dodgers’ dugout. (And, at times, he was hanging out in the dugout, as some VIPs get to do.)

Punto got a pair of high-fives from the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star after crossing home plate, and DeVito also later joined the veteran utility player during his post-game interview on the field.

“What a night,” Punto agreed when asked about hitting his second home run of the season in front of his famous new fan. “Danny DeVito, Batman Returns…he’s a beauty.”

Again, no Katherine Webb, but the Emmy winner definitely was a great sport, choosing that moment to join Punto for pics in their matching jerseys and share a big bear hug and a handshake.rs_560x415-130814162830-1024.devito.cm.81413_copyFollow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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