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Bachelor Star Gia Allemand’s Suicide: “Mental Illness Behind It,” Source Says

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rs_293x473-130814162820-634.gia..81413Friends and family of Bachelor star Gia Allemand are dealing with the brunette’s tragic passing on Wednesday as best as they can.

A source close to Gia tells that “the family is devastated” and that the death is a “huge shock to everyone.”

The source also shed some light as to what may have caused Gia to want to take her own life, saying, “It is clear that there is some sort of mental illness behind it.”

But despite whatever troubles the former reality-TV star may have been dealing with, coming to terms with the untimely death has been “heartbreaking” for those who came to know and love Gia.

New Orleans Coroner’s Office Chief Investigator John Gagliano confirmed  that an autopsy was performed Thursday morning, and the body had since been released to Allemand’s family.

Allemand’s cause and manner of death may not be released to the public.

“Cause of death is not public information in the State of Louisiana unless it is a violent death like a homicide or it occurs in a public place or is a public hazard or health hazard or is  an accidental fatality like a car accident,” Gagliano tells. “We don’t discuss suicides and natural deaths—that is prohibited.”

If the cause of death is released to the public, it must come from Allemand’s family.

Gagliano added the New Orleans’ Coroner’s office will “not be releasing any statements,” as “those must come from the family.” He was also unaware if any toxicology tests had been performed, but noted that information may not be released.

Gia’s rep told  that preliminary funeral arrangements have been made and “will take place in New York at the Papavero Funeral Home.”

“A date is not confirmed at this time. The funeral will be open to the public, yet no cameras or cell phones will be permitted inside. Many friends from the Bachelor family are expected to be in attendance.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.


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