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John Cena and Daniel Bryan Talk Total Divas and SummerSlam Championship Match

Published on August 14, 2013 by   ·   No Comments“Daniel’s good, he’s very good, but on Sunday he will step into a world that he does not know. He does not have enough experience.”

Those are some pretty tough words coming from current WWE Champ John Cena about his World Heavyweight Championship challenger, Daniel Bryan.

At the WWE’s first SummerSlam press conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel, WWE Superstars and Total Divas stars took to the stage to trash-talk and reveal some exclusive details before Sunday’s big event.

John spoke with us after the press presentation and he shared why he decided to be a part of Total Divas. Frankly, “the beautiful Nicole (Nikki Bella),” he said. “I’m a big part of her life. When the show came around I was initially reserved about being on it but I believe in Nicole. She has tremendous ambition, work ethic and drive. I want to make her experience complete as it could be.”

Bryan’s reason? “I had no choice. Brie Bella is the boss of me,” he said with a laugh. “So she’s on Total Divas; hence, I’m on Total Divas.”

Things get pretty personal on the show, with in-depth looks at their lives and relationships behind the scenes. We wanted to know if anything was too personal or if there were things that John didn’t want us to see.

“That hasn’t happened yet,” he said. “I do fight for a living, so I will be able to defend myself.”

John and Bryan are practically family at this point, dating The Bella Twins and all. It has to be pretty intense to know they’re going to face-off this Sunday!

“I come from a household of four brothers. There are five of us gentleman that constantly compete at everything, from football to beer  drinking. It’s like that,” John revealed. “Both of us would like to parade around as king of the mountain.”

The WWE Superstars might be dating twins but that doesn’t mean they’re similar. “The differences between Brie and Nicole are huge and, likewise, the differences between me and John are even bigger,” Bryan said. “You can see that on the show. He lives a very certain lifestyle, I live something completely different.” @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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