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One Direction Play With Their Dolls, Harry Styles Posts Video of Him and His Mini-Me

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rs_560x415-130807110928-1024.OneD.jl.080713_copyOne Direction had a ball with their dolls!

At a private concert for their fans at the W Hotel in Westwood, Calif., Harry StylesZayn MalikLiam PayneLouis Tomlinson and Niall Horan came face-to-face with the 12-inch likenesses of themselves created by Hasbro.

And who can blame them for proudly posing for pics with them at Tuesday’s event?  They’re actually pretty good representations of the fab five.

Styles, in particular, seemed to be exceptionally fond of his miniature doppelgänger.

The guy did create a Vine video of his doll, after all.

And while we’re not quite sure what to make of the rotating head in the clip, we’re sure fans will nevertheless be pleased to see that he chose to make the plastic figure topless.

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