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Fashion Twinsies: Britney Spears and Beyoncé, Kate Upton and Olivia Wilde and More Matching Duos

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rs_560x415-130731115827-1024.FashionTwins.mh.073113“Bitch stole my look!”

It’s Hollywood, it happens. But people don’t always notice.

However, with this weekend’s Twins Days Festival in full swing, we thought we’d draw some attention to the celebs who have a fashion twinsie out there.

Some of our favorites include the tight blue dress Britney Spears wore to the Smurfs 2premiere just recently. We loved the dress on you Brit, but cue Kanye WestBeyoncé had one of the best blue dresses of all time!

Mrs. Jay-Z rocked the look five years ago, which seems to make matters worse. However, in Brit’s defense, her dress is designed by the famous and timeless Hervé Léger, while the “Single Ladies” singer is wearing a House of Deréon version.

So, looks like these fashion twinsies are fraternal.

However, we can’t really say the same for Kate Upton and Olivia Wilde. Both the model and actress were spotted in a Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 daisy-patterned dress with sheer overlay at red carpet events. In their case, they’re idential fashion twinsies.

However, these ladies aren’t the only ones who were caught in the same outfit as another celeb. It seems to be a common fashion faux pas (or trend).Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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