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Simon Cowell’s Expecting a Baby! Here’s Why the X Factor Judge Will Be a Good Dad

Published on August 1, 2013 by   ·   No Comments, Simon Cowell is a stern son-of-a-gun, but the celeb also has some traits that will be beneficial as a father. No really, hear us out.

After hearing that the X Factor judge is expecting his first child with Lauren Silverman, people started to wonder just what kind of dad Cowell will be, and we’re going to argue that he’ll be a good one (and not just for his great hair genes).

Tough Love: Clearly, Simon won’t need any help in the tough love department, but think about it. This child will so badly want to impress their father that they won’t slack on anything. Do they really want to hear Cowell criticize everything they do every single day? No. So they’ll get it right the first time.

He Wants to Be Active: In an old interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the former American Idol judge talked about having children, and said that he worries he may become to old to play around with his future spawn. “I—you know, I worry about that because of my age,” the 50-year-old said. “You know, when I was younger, you know, my dad used to play soccer and, you know, games with me and I worry—I worry that if I was 70…It worries me a bit.”

Simon Actually Likes Kids: Cowell told the U.K.’s Sunday People in April 2013, “I’d want kids if I knew I could be faithful.” He also clarified, “I do like kids. I’m not sure I would be good for the first six months or so, but once they knew who I am…”

Spit Up All You Want, Baby: Simon’s low- maintenance wardrobe (yes, he’s rich, but he practically wears a white or black T-shirt everyday) will be very easy for the first few months of taking care of the baby. Throw up on the tee? Not a problem.

Because Carmen Electra Says So: During the VH1 Do Something Awards in Hollywood last night, Electra gushed about the soon-to-be dad to E! News. “What I witnessed working with him on Britain’s Got Talent and coming to see him during X Factor is that the people he truly believes in, he stands up for them and supports them. So I obviously think that his child will be very well taken care and very, very loved.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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