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James Blunt Emails His Upcoming Single to Millions in the U.K., Label Says It Was an Accident

Published on July 31, 2013 by   ·   No Comments all know that feeling, when you press send and just wish you hadn’t!

No one knows that panic-inducing moment quite like James Blunt right about now. The “Beautiful” singer accidentally sent a spam email that included his forthcoming single, “Bonfire Heart,” to the masses—and we’re not talking hundreds here people, we’re talking millions of recipients!

After the fiasco, he took to Twitter to address the embarrassing blooper.

“Oops…Just emailed the whole of the UK by mistake! Ha!”

The email in question reportedly had the subject line: “I’d like you to be the first to hear my new single.”

Meanwhile, people who opened Blunt’s email got their very own personalized message, saying, “So … Just for you … Here’s the first single from my new album…!” The email also explained that the new track was “about love, life, fear and hope…and more than anything, you…and me…”


And while Blunt’s label claims that the email was a “clerical error” and accidentally sent, some people are skeptical that it’s just a publicity ploy. Scottish musician Nina Nesbitt eventweeted, “Great marketing from James Blunt’s team I must say. Email the whole of the UK!”

She later added, “I was genuinely congratulating James Blunt’s email idea, not knowing it was infact a mistake.”

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