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Kristin Chenoweth Channels High School in a Cheerleading Skirt

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rs_634x1024-130724094913-634.chenoweth.ls.72413_copyGimmie a K! K. You got your K you, got your K. Gimmie a R! R. You got your R, you got your R.

There are way too many letters in Kristin Chenoweth‘s name to finish the cheer, plus you get the point. The Hit & Run star looks like she’s wearing a high school cheerleading uniform! That double panel skirt is the classic ra-ra style, and the mini length says high kick central!

But our question regarding this odd outfit choice isn’t, why is this adult actress wearing a little girls’ look? It’s what school has such goth colors?! Transylvania High? Plus, a boring top like that would never fly among the spirit finger sisters. It’s way too covered-up!

In the end this is probably just a strange, adult dress…designed by someone pining for their days on top of the pyramid.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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