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Royal Baby Flashback: Princess Diana Was Induced, See Baby Prince William’s Debut

Published on July 20, 2013 by   ·   No Comments the Great Kate Wait continues, we took a look back at details behind Prince William‘s birth.

The Duke of Cambridge was born on June 21, 1982, and when Princess Diana gave birth to him she “had to be induced.”

“I couldn’t handle the press pressure any longer, it was becoming unbearable,” Diana later told her friend journalist Andrew Morton, according to People. “We went in very early. I was sick as a parrot the whole way through the labor, very bad labor.”

Kate, too, was not feeling her best at the beginning of her pregnancy, suffering from bad bouts of acute morning sickness for the first few months.

Although a source told E! News exclusively that Kensington Palace has been operating under the assumption that Kate is two to three days past her due date, doctors in the U.K. don’t usually rush their patients into being induced unless they are a week to ten days overdue, according to the mag.

As far as what we can expect when the royal baby does make his or her debut, there might be some clues in a video that aired on Today on June 22, 1982 after Prince William was born.

In the video, Prince Charles stepped out of St. Mary’s Hospital and talked calmly to a group of reporters following the royal baby’s birth, saying, “I’m honestly relieved and delighted. It’s marvelous,” when asked how he felt.

“It’s rather a grown-up thing, I’ve found,” he continued. “It’s rather a shock to my system.”

While he and Diana were still deciding on a name for their son at the time, he told the crowd their little one was in “marvelous form,” with “fair, sort of blondish” hair.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left Middleton’s family home in Bucklebury today, and while it’s believed the duo is heading back to London, there’s been no sign yet of them at St. Mary’s hospital, where Middleton is expected to deliver the couple’s first child together (and don’t be fooled by those of lookalike pranksters earlier today).Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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