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Pink on Kanye West Alleged Rant About Her & Taylor Swift: “It’s All Good. All Love.”

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156664075-218x300Pink has responded to the alleged Kanye West rant, secretly recorded and leaked, in which he purportedly put down her and Taylor Swift following the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

As Gossip Cop reported, the unverified audio has West complaining about a number of issues, including Pink’s performance at the awards show.

“What the f**k was Pink performing?” the voice is heard saying. “Don’t nobody know that song. Pink performed twice! Two songs? How the f**k Pink perform two songs and I didn’t even get asked to perform ‘Heartless.’”

But when news of the alleged rant reached Pink herself on Friday, she was anything but upset.

She tweeted, “Oh come on y’all… If people secretly recorded me and all the sh*t I talk…. It’s all good. All love. And we all still here. Peace please.”

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