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Kristen Stewart Shops At Robert Pattinson’s Favorite Guitar Store

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kristenDid she buy Rob a present? Kristen stopped by Norman’s Rare Guitars — the same place she used to shop with ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson — on July 16, and has all the exclusive details on her visit!

Kristen Stewart may still be suffering over her breakup with Robert Pattinson, but that doesn’t mean she’s avoiding their old hangouts  – in fact, it seems to be just the opposite. Kristen’s still a regular at Rob’s favorite guitar shop, Norman’s Rare Guitars, in Tarzana.


Kristen Stewart Guitar Shopping For Robert Pattinson? —  Fan Pic

Kristen, 23, posed with a fan at the store on July 16, as she looked to be in good spirits.

A source at the star powered vintage guitar shop spoke exclusively to us about Kristen’s most recent visit, and revealed that it was Rob who first brought her there.

“Rob was the one to introduce Kristen to our store. He came here a few years ago and bought some guitars and then he brought her and she’s been shopping here ever since. He still shops here too, but they haven’t come in together in a while. This time Kristen came in by herself. Usually, she comes in with friends or her dad, but today she was alone. She’s always friendly, she was extremely quiet this time, and as far as we could tell she was in a good mood. Last year, she was here buying a vintage guitar for Robert and she brought four friends in with her to help her decide, but today she didn’t have anyone with her.”

So what exactly was Kristen doing at this guitar shop alone?

Kristen Stewart: Was She Buying Rob A Gift?

Kristen was having three of her guitars repaired! According to our source, she has a collection of vintage guitars and she can really play!

“Kristen was here to pick up three guitars that she was having repaired and adjusted, a Fender tellecaster, a Fender stratocaster and a Gibson melody maker – all really beautiful vintage guitars. I haven’t heard her playing and singing. I’ve only heard her play when she’s trying out a guitar or checking to see if it’s tuned right, but she can definitely play and so can Robert. Kristen loves vintage guitars. She pops in here once in a while to check stuff out, but she doesn’t always buy something. Robert even signed some guitars to help raise money for a charity we work with called the Midnight Mission. It’s a charity that helps the homeless in downtown LA and Robert was happy to help out — it was so nice of him, he’s just so great. They both are.”

Rob, 27, and Kristen aren’t the only celebrities that shop at Norman’s Rare Guitars! “We have a lot of famous people that shop here, Dave Grohl, Bruno Mars, Tom Petty, Jeff Daniels, the list is endless,” the source tells us.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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