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Chris Brown: Why Karrueche Tran Wanted Him To Party After Probation Revoked

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chrisChris was crushed after a judge revoked his probation on July 15, but he blew off some steam afterwards by partying with his friends. A source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Karruche would approve of Chris letting loose.

After a Los Angeles judge revoked Chris Brown‘s probation on July 15 following an alleged hit-and-run accident in May, Breezy was so distraught that he couldn’t even eat. But instead of moping around, Chris, 24, went out and partied with his friends, and a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Karrueche Tran would have wanted it that way.


Chris Brown: Why Karrueche Tran Wanted Him To Party After Probation Revoked

After a tough day in court, Chris’ crew dragged him out of his house to a party to help him take his mind of his troubles, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“He looked bad, and no one wants to see their people looking like that,” the source said. “The next best thing to do was to go out and blow off some steam.”

Chris’ ever-supportive girlfriend, Karrueche, 24, didn’t object to the revelry.

“If Karrueche was with him, she would have encouraged him to go out too,” the source reveals. “It just doesn’t make any sense for him to be home with everything heavy on his mind.”

“Life’s too short for him to be down and out, sitting at home moping around,” the source added. “He might as well take his mind off that nonsense and go out and have fun. That’s how Chris is — he’ll be sick one day and feeling blue, but the next minute, he’ll pop up like nothing even happened.”

Chris Brown Was On His Best Behavior While Partying After Probation Revocation

Chris understands that going out after his probation was revoked might not look very responsible to a judge, but he was on his best behavior at the party.

“The Biggs still got to live his life,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. ”The judge didn’t tell him not to go out and spend some time with his friends, did he? No, he didn’t. He knows what he’s doing — he ain’t trying to hurt nobody. Everybody deals with their problems in different ways, so don’t knock him for having a little fun while he’s dealing with some serious shit.”

Another source tells us that Chris was a “class act” at the party, where he hung out with Snoop Dogg all night, surrounded by beautiful women. But Karrueche has nothing to worry about.

“They were laughing and enjoying the sights of the tremendous amounts of bunnies and hot girls that were there,” the source said. “But Chris kept it like a museum and looked but didn’t touch.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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