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Kate Middleton “Will Be a Brilliant Mother,” Says Family Friend

Published on July 16, 2013 by   ·   No Comments royal baby (whenever it decides to grace us with its presence) will be spoiled with love from Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Echoing the words of Wills’ cousin, Peter Phillips, Bucklebury local and friend of the Middletons John Haley tells  that the duo will be fantastic parents, and that Kate—who he has known for 18 years now—will flourish as a mother.

“I think Kate will be a brilliant mother,” he tells us. “She’s been brought up by Carol with her sister and brother and they’ve got a great mum and dad, so I think she will be an absolutely fabulous mother.”

Haley added that the Duchess of Cambridge will be a fit mother because “she is very, very relaxed, very smiley, very happy.  William seems much the same and I think that’ll come out in their children. They’re just a relaxed and happy couple and that will come out and that will show in their child I’m sure.”

“Kate and William are amazing,” he continued. “You can see they’re in love, you can see that from the first day we met them. Again they’re so relaxed and they sit down and just chat to each other, you can see that they’re so in love and so happy and they always have been, and so relaxed with each other and with other people.”

It’s no secret that the future prince or princess has been already been making headlines since the couple announced the pregnancy, but Haley hopes that the young tot will be able to live a normal life, despite being a part of such a high-profiled family.

“I just hope the new baby, Kate and William’s baby, can have as normal an upbringing as possible because that’s what they’ll want. They’ll want a normal upbringing and be left alone and I’m sure it’ll be hidden away from the press and it’ll have a great life and I’m sure it’ll be very relaxed and I’m sure it’ll have loving grandparents to bring it up and loving parents.”

Wills’ cousin expressed similar hopes for the child during an interview with CNN, however, should the royal baby grow up under the spotlight (which, let’s be real, will most likely be the case), Phillips is confident that the soon-to-be parents will be able to handle it.

“He or she will be under a great deal of scrutiny,” Phillips said of the royal baby. “That being said, both of the baby’s parents are used to that and I think there is the structure and infrastructure around them all to be able to protect them to a certain extent.

“Sure, the baby’s going to be in the limelight, just like William was from a very early age.”

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