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Anne Hathaway Goes for Stranded Island Chic in a Gilligan Get-Up

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rs_293x473-130712110139-634.Anne.Gilligan.jl.071213_copyThink Anne Hathaway‘s headed out on a three hour toura three hour tour?

Sorry, but we can’t help ourselves. The Academy Award winner is dressed like the 2.0 version of our favorite stranded fool: striped shirt, khaki pants, and white sneaks. And as if that weren’t perfect enough, she and Gilligan have the exact same haircut!

Frankly, Bob Denver (the man who made Gilligan famous) should be honored. Chances are he doesn’t get a lot of A-list actresses honoring his infamous attire. Of course, we’re sure Anne wasn’t reallythinking of the skipper when she picked this summer style.

Rumor has it, The Dark Knight Risesactress just got dressed for a casual hang out with her friends in Beverly Hills—some millionaire and his wife, a movie star, a professor and her good friend Mary Ann.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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