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Robert Pattinson: Why He’s Afraid To Commit With Riley Keough

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robert-pattinson-bday-pc-2Robert may be dating following his split from Kristen Stewart, but he is not ready to commit to his new lady friend Riley just yet! In fact, Rob wants to date more girls.

Robert Pattinson is ready to play the field! The Twilight hunk may be dating Elvis Presley‘s granddaughter Riley Keough, but he is not ready to lock things down just yet. Rob is enjoying being single so much that he does not want to commit, but he knows that their blossoming romance could “always lead to more.”


Robert Pattinson: Single & Ready To Mingle — Unwilling To Commit

Rob and Riley began dating in June, and they actually met through Rob’s ex Kristen Stewart, who starred with Riley, 24, in The Runaways in 2010.

So why is Rob, 27, afraid to commit? A source close to the actor exclusively

Rob will probably be seen with other girls along with Riley. He generally considers himself both single to his friends and exclusive when he is with Riley. He wants his cake and eat it to kind of thing. It’s getting very physical between him and Riley, but he still isn’t ready to pull the trigger on a full relationship as he will be away filming soon and he doesn’t want to ruin something that is blossoming by leaving. He is aware that something still might happen, but he is being cautious. But with a strongly physical relationship that is happening, he knows that can always lead to more, so his mind is everywhere.

Rob is smart not to commit to Riley if he is concerned with work commitments, but he should be careful he doesn’t break her heart by dating other girls. If he truly does care about her as much as it seems, he should tread carefully with playing the field!

Why Robert Slowed Down Romance With Riley Keough

It seems that part of the reason Rob is so afraid to commit to Riley is because he does not want their relationship to be scrutinized in the media, like he and Kristen were.

A source told us:

Rob was a little scared off that this new relationship was going to be a media firestorm, so he has slowed things down, so mostly it’s a physical relationship. They don’t consider it dating, but everyone around them does. And I wouldn’t say they are in love, but they could easily get there. He is afraid that he will will get hurt or hurt her, so he is treading lightly because he does genuinely like her.

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