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Lady Gaga Forgets Her Shirt & Steps Out In Just Her Bra In NYC

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lady gagaThe star recently dropped 30 pounds — and she clearly wants to show it off, leaving her shirt at home and stepping out in just a bra! Is it stylish or way TOO showy? VOTE.

Of course losing weight is an accomplishment, but the “Born this Way” singer should really take a leaf out of Khloe Kardashian’s book and go about flaunting her new trim figure differently — and preferably with a shirt on!
Lady Gaga, 27, is known for her crazy, weird, and sometimes disgusting, (think meat dress), outfits. While her current get-up may not involve any dead animals or a giant egg, it’s still pretty crazy. We know she lost weight and yes, we think she looks awesome, but underwear models exist for a reason — not everyone is supposed to walk around in their bra all the time in the middle of the day. Has she ever heard of ‘No shirt, No shoes, No service’?

Lady Gaga’s Bra Picture In NYC:

There’s always been a battle over why showing your bra really is such a big deal. It’s just like a swimsuit top, right? The lines are now even more blurred due to the rise of the crop top trend — and the fact that bralettes and bandeaus sometimes fall in that category. Although smaller shirts may be popular, a bra is not a swimsuit top or a bandeau or a crop top. If it were, the three latter would not exist and we would all just let our bras hang out!

That being said, Lady Gaga should put a shirt on! While walking around in NYC on July 10 the singer was photographed wearing a high-waisted black skirt, black combat boots, and a black bra.That’s it. Almost her entire stomach is showing, her cleavage is out and about, and she’s exposing a lot of leg, too. I guess this is how the popstar dresses down and stays cool in the summer heat? While we throw on shorts and a tee, Gaga just goes topless. However, in her defense she doeslook amazing. Her weight loss is significant and she’s got her killer body back. She also looks hot in those sunglasses and with long red hair, too. Still, if she were filming a music video or performing on stage we would understand. It’s the fact that she’s just walking down the street in her bra that we can’t wrap our heads around. Put some clothes on, lady!

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