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Justin Bieber Poses With Stanley Cup, Enrages Hockey Fans

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rs_293x473-130710071450-634.bieber.jcl.stanleyJustin Bieber got the chance to get up close and personal with the Stanley Cup on Tuesday, but some hockey fans aren’t too thrilled about it.

Prior to his concert at the United Center arena, home of the Chicago Blackhawks, the pop star was invited into the NHL champs’ locker room, where the cup is currently residing.

In a picture tweeted out by Peter Hassen, the senior director of marketing for the team, Bieber is seen touching the trophy while making the No. 1 sign with his finger. What’s more, a team jersey with the singer’s name emblazoned on it can also be seen hanging in the background.

Needless to say, many folks were not amused.

“Who the hell let Bieber touch the Stanley Cup? #whyyy #contaminated,” tweeted one Blackhawks fan.

Others examples of outrage include such tweets as, “Justin Bieber touched the stanley cup… I’m gonna go jump off a cliff now,” “Justin Bieber taking a pic next to the Stanley Cup with a Blackhawks jersey that says his name on it is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen” and “Justin Bieber go to touch the Stanley Cup. Disgrace to the game, to Chicago, and to humanity in general.”

Fans were also angered when another shot made its way around the Twitterverse showing Bieber snapping a photo of the cup while standing on the Blackhawks logo, a major no-no as it is considered a sign of disrespect.

Meanwhile, Bieber has not responded to the negative comments, simply tweeting on Tuesday: “Chicago always does it right! One of the best shows of the tour. I couldn’t stop smiling! Thank you beliebers. I love you!”

UPDATE: In a statement, a spokesman for the Chicago Blackhawks tells E! News:

“Bieber was very excited to see the Stanley Cup when he entered our locker room last night. As frequently happens with guests into our room, Justin inadvertantly stepped on the team logo on the floor but moved off quickly once immediately reminded. He was apologetic and understanding of the tradition but continued to take photos with the Cup and some young fans. He was extremely genuine and kind with his time. We appreciate his enthusiasm towards hockey and wish him well with the remainder of his tour.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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