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Kristen Stewart Hangs Out At Coco Chanel’s Apartment In Paris

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rs_293x473-130613154859-634.KristenStewart.6.13.13.JMDOh la la! KStew took a break from sitting front row at a slew of shows and hung out at Coco Chanel’s apartment while in Paris! How amazing would it be if one day she landed a Chanel campaign?

Kristen Stewart looked pretty and relaxed in a photo recently posted to Instagram by celebrity hair stylist, Ken O’Rourke. The 23-year-old actress is seen sipping champagne and making herself at home in the famous fashion apartment — and she wasn’t alone!

Kristen Stewart’s Coco Chanel Apartment Visit:

It’s not everyday that a girl gets to live out her high-fashion dreams at the apartment of Coco Chanel. Even though Kristen isn’t a self-proclaimed fashionista, she sure looks like she made herself at home — and who could blame her?

Kristen isn’t the first star to hang out at Coco’s. In fact, Rihanna recently swung by and took a slew of photos, which she shared on Instagram!

The Snow White and the Huntsman actress is photographed sitting next to her very talented, long-time stylist Tara Swennen — how sweet!

Kristen Stewart Paris Fashion Week Trip:

O’Rourke, who posted the photo, is another member of KStew’s glam squad that got to tag along for the day. Whenever the star is in Paris, she often works with the hairdresser. We think it’s so cool she brought her glam squad along for the VIP treatment. I mean, they did make her look absolutely fabulous for the Chanel fashion show! She certaily owes them one.

O’Rourke’s caption included a series of hashtags that include: “#chanel, #champagne, great fun was had by all in #cocochanel apartment #paris #couture lets do it all again!!!”

It seems like everyone had a great time and we’re happy that Kristen wasn’t sulking post-breakup! Although it’s still speculation, could all of this mean a possible team-up with the actress and Chanel? We can’t wait to see what happens!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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