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Kris Jenner “Butting Heads” With Talk Show Bosses, Claims Blog

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Kris-239x300Kris Jenner is “butting heads” with FOX executives over “the direction” of her upcoming talk show“Kris,” claims RadarOnline.

According to the webloid, “Kris did not want a co-host for the first part of the show but lost that battle immediately to her bosses.”

A so-called “source” for the blog says, “Kris didn’t feel it was necessary, but co-executive producer, Robert Lifton, said it was essential.”

Aside from regurgitating WRONG rumors from itssister publicationStar, that’s literally the onlypiece of alleged information the site has to offer about Jenner’s supposed feud with FOX honchos.

Moreover, RadarOnline’s bogus spy claims that Jenner was only able to book Mario Lopez andMaria Menounos as co-hosts because the momager’s show is being produced by the same production company as “Extra,” but that is totally inaccurate.

A studio insider tells Gossip Cop “Kris” is being produced by Twentieth Century FOX Television, not Warner Bros., which handles “Extra.”

Our impeccable source slammed the false report, joking, “The one good thing of all this inaccurate coverage on RadarOnline is that it’s able to keep many fictional writers employed.”


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