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Justin Bieber Pees Into Restaurant Kitchen Mop Bucket – WATCH VIDEO

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rs_600x600-130624062612-300.bieber.neck_.jc_-300x300A shocking video has surfaced of Justin Bieber peeing into a mop bucket at a New York nightclub.

Bieber and his friends were reportedly leaving the club through the kitchen entrance when he decided to take a bathroom break into the wash basin.

TMZ says the incident happened earlier this year, but does not give a specific date.


In the background, the teen singer’s friends are her laughing and shouting, “We’re the wild kids!”

After he’s finished going to the bathroom, Bieber takes a kitchen cleaning bottle and sprays a photo of Bill Clinton on the wall, saying, “F**k Bill Clinton.”

Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for Bieber, and will have updates.

Watch the video below.

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