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Kristen Stewart Gets Upset After Being Harassed By Paparazzi: New Video

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kristenPoor Kristen! The ‘Twilight’ star was innocently walking towards her truck when she was harassed by a bunch of photographers, who teased her about her breakup. So she dropped an F bomb at them — watch the video here!

Good for you, Kristen Stewart! The On The Road actress was harassed by a bunch of mean photographers on July 8, and she was so right to tell them off! Watch the video of Kristen getting sassy here!


Kristen Stewart Cusses At The Paparazzi

Kristen was exiting a studio in Los Angeles on July 8, when she was taunted by a bunch of photographers who had written “I Love Rob” on the hood of her car. So how did Kristen retaliate?

She told the photographers to “F**k off!” You go girl!

Kristen was totally right to stand her ground and talk back — even if she used such crass language — because they were so unnecessarily cruel to her. We know that she has taken it hard that Robert Pattinson is now dating her former friend and co-star Riley Keough, so the last thing she needs is to be teased.

Sidenote: Kristen, get your car washed!

Kristen Stewart Is ‘Seething’ About Robert Pattinson’s New Girlfriend

So why exactly is Kristen so angry? She is upset that Rob has moved on so quickly.

”Kristen is furious and has texted Rob and called Riley to find out what is going on, but apparently none of her calls have been answered,” a source told Grazia magazine. ”Kristen is seething. She understands things are over between her and Rob, but to see him now dating one of her closest friends is just too much for her to deal with and seeing the pictures really hurt her.”

Kristen was devastated that Rob had moved on, especially since she and Riley have maintained a friendship since they starred in The Runaways together.

”Rob only knows Riley because of Kristen. Now they’ve been inseparable in the last few weeks and have been having low key dates at his LA home,” the source continued.
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