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Rihanna Flaunts Underboob In Sexy New Pics — For Chris Brown?

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rihannaRihanna’s had a busy few days on Instagram! After posting a picture dissing Chris on July 4, the singer then seemed to be teasing him with a handful of sexy posts that showed a ton of skin!

On July 6, Rihanna took to Instagram to show off a vibrant new outfit, but she really just ended up flaunting her underboob! Never a dull moment for RiRi!


Rihanna Nearly Bares It All On Instagram

“It’s a thigh high and sweats kind of day,” Rihanna wrote along with the first picture of her flashy outfit — a black and white, futuristic-looking ensemble with dizzying lines and shapes that was also cut to show all of the Unapologetic singer’s midriff.

But it showed even more than that! In subsequent pictures, taken from below Rihanna’s waist, the singer gave the world a look up the outfit, and a few clear shots of her underboob. “Denmark I hate to leave you!” Rihanna captioned one of the photos. We’re sure Denmark — at least the male population — is also sad to see her go.

Rihanna: Sending Mixed Messages To Chris Brown?

We hope that Chris Brown isn’t paying too much attention to Rihanna’s Instagram for a few reasons! Not only must it hurt to see your ex-girlfriend flaunting underboob on Instagram, but RiRi has seemingly also been using the social network to diss Chris.

On July 4, after Chris tweeted that Rihanna would be appearing on his upcoming album, X,Rihanna lashed out via Instagram, posting a photo with the message, “Bitch you will die, be born again, die again and be born again before I do a song with you bitch.” The photo also had the caption, “Phuck O.utta H.ere B.itch!!!”

Wow! Taking in Rihanna’s mix of raciness and aggression makes our heads spin — we can only imagine how it makes Chris feel. But that’s just RiRi’s style – it’s her world and we’re just living in it.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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