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Kim Kardashian: New Mom Gets Attacked With Public Diss

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dissNo matter what Kim does, she just can’t avoid criticism. The new mom was slighted yet again in possibly the most public way yet on July 5. So what do you think — is the diss crossing the line?

Part of being Kim Kardashian is being able to handle criticism and disses. She was after all only married for 72 days, a fact that makes her an easy target. That quick marriage to Kris Humphries was the subject of the most recent — and most public — dig at Kim K.


Construction Company Disses Kim Kardashian’s Marriage

A Toronto, Canada construction company probably thought they were pretty clever with their latest ad, which was put up on July 5. “Construction set to finish faster than a Kim Kardashian marriage,” the advertisement reads. Ouch!

The ad was reportedly created by the comedy troupe, Second City, according to TMZ, and will remain in place until construction on Bay Adelaide Centre is completed. Work reportedly won’t be finished until 2015, so it’ll actually take way longer than Kim’s 72-day marriage.

Kim Kardashian: No Stranger To Disses

This certainly isn’t the first time Kim — and especially her marriage — have been the butt of a joke, but we have to ask, as Kim transitions to motherhood and possibly takes a step back from the spotlight, are disses like this too much?

The last time Kim was criticized heavily was for her maternity fashion, and the new mom was very distressed at the time. “People can be so mean,” Kim told Us Weekly. “It’s not cool and it’s not fair.”

This advertisement is admittedly much more lighthearted than the critics who called a pregnant Kim fat, and we think even Kim could admit that it is a bit funny. She hasn’t gotten to where she is by sweating all the haters — we’re sure she’s focused on baby North West and that this ad will barely even be a blip on the radar.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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