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Chris Brown Disappointed Rihanna Disrespected Him, Still Wishes Her Well

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Chris-Brown-230x300chrisRihanna continues to call out Chris on Twitter and Instagram in increasingly obvious ways, but a source close to CB tells us EXCLUSIVELY that he’s still taking the high road.

A love triangle sounds like fun on paper, but just ask Chris Brown, it can be a real headache. After moving on to Karrueche Tran, Chris’ ex, Rihanna has been extremely aggressive, dissing Chris and putting him on blast. The disrespect has been upsetting, a source close to Chris reveals to us exclusively, but the “Fine China” singer is still trying to keep the peace.


Chris Brown: How He Feels About Rihanna’s Disses

“Chris can’t believe Rihanna put him on blast,” the source says.

On July 4, after Chris tweeted that Rihanna would be featured on his upcoming album, X, Rihanna quickly reacted on Instagram. She posted a photo with the message, “Bitch you will die, be born again, die again and be born again before I do a song with you bitch,” and also tweeted, “Phuck O.utta H.ere B.itch!!!,” a subtle reference to Chris’ entourage, O.H.B.

“Like for real, Ri? She might as well have said Chris’ name if she’s going to call him and the crew out,” the source continues, adding that Chris has no idea why his tweet riled her up so much. “All he did was publicize his album, give her and everybody else props, and then she goes hard on him for no reason.”

Chris Brown: Will He Respond?

Chris is clearly hurt by Rihanna’s messages and their suddenness, but he refuses to retaliate andstart another Twitter war, the source says:

What’s the point? That’s his ex girl, he’s not about to go in on her like that in public. That’s for her to do and she’s doing a good job at it. He’s just going to go about his day like it didn’t happen.

After everything Chris and Rihanna have been through, and after all the disses she’s hurled at him, Chris still “hopes she’s well and having a good day,” the source says. This combination of restraint and positive attitude is a new side of Chris and proof that he’s maturing and is in a very good place in his life.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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