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Nicki Minaj Shares Her Beauty Secrets: “Lashes, Liquid Liner and Lipsticks”

Published on July 6, 2013 by   ·   No Comments may have a jaw-dropping collection ofcolorful wigs, but when it comes to the rest of her beauty routine, Nicki Minaj is surprisingly low maintenance.

“Deodorant and Myx Fusions drink” the rapper shared as her top summer must-haves.

While deodorant seems obvious, most celebs will skip right over this most-practical product when listing their beauty favorites. Than again, Minaj doesn’t just deal with the hot sun in her day-to-day. She’s also got to combat the bright lights on stage too—giving her even more reason to want to avoid getting sweaty.

And who doesn’t have a favorite summer cocktail? It makes sense that Nicki’s would be Myx Fusions Moscato—she co-owns the company with Love & Hip-Hop creator Mona Scott-Young and Myx CEO, Peter Reaske. Yesterday, we chatted with the 30-year-old as she hosted a Myx & Mingle cruise ship party to celebrate the beverage’s launch and the Fourth of July in New York Harbor.

Practical products aside, the star also shared that no matter the season she never leaves home without three makeup items: “Lashes, liquid liner and lipsticks,” she told us.

Naturally another key part of her beauty routine is fitness, something she’s hoping to amp up very soon.

“I’m very lazy when it comes to working out,” she says. “I am really looking into boxing classes now. So hopefully that will help me.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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