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SITE: Kristen Stewart “Sad” About Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough “Dating”

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Screen-Shot-2013-07-05-at-3.53.18-PMRobert Pattinson and Riley Keough areNOT dating.

Gossip Cop was the first outlet to bust the bogus reports earlier this week.

But, as it’s demonstrated for years, HollywoodLife has little use for reality.

The bottom-feeding webloid ignores the facts in favor of pretending there’s a real Pattinson-Keough relationship, especially if it means the outlet can take cheap shots.

That’s why HollywoodLife has now published an absurd, mean-spirited bit of speculative blather alleging that Kristen Stewart arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday “looking sad.”

“Do you think she looks sad because Rob is now dating Riley Keough?” the blog asks its readers.

He’s not.

HollywoodLife doesn’t care.

The site reports, ”When Kristen Stewart jetted back into LA’s LAX airport on July 4 after her whirlwind trip to Paris, she looked a little down in the dumps. Sure, she could just be tired from traveling, or was it that she was upset that she was back in LA, where her ex Robert Pattinson has been seen out driving with his new love and Kristen’s former co-star Riley Keough?”

Pattinson was not driving with Keough.

That’s 100 percent false.

Oh, and HollywoodLife is quick to note that when Stewart looked perfectly happy during her Paris stint, it was only because she was “putting on a brave face.”

When you inhabit an alternate reality like HollywoodLife does, everything can be bent to fit a false narrative.

The blog claims Stewart is “livid” that Pattinson is seeing Keough.

He’s not.

At this point, the site’s infamously uninformed sources take center stage.

“Despite the fact that Riley’s rep has said that Riley and Rob aren’t dating, Hollywoodlife.com spoke to sources close to the pair, and they have re-confirmed to us that they are seeing each other,” announces the outlet.

HollywoodLife uses random Twitter users as “sources,” and we’ll let the record speak for itself.

There is absolutely nothing to this “story.”

It’s yet another example of HollywoodLife doing everything it can to milk a discredited rumor, manufacture outrage, and create controversy.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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