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Miley Cyrus “Wasting Away” at “98 Pounds,” Claims Mag

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Miley-Cyrus2-202x300Miley Cyrus is “stressed” and “wasting away,” reportsLife & Style, which claims the singer surprised onlookers with her “shockingly thin figure” when she performed on “Good Morning America” last month.

According to a fitness expert — who has never even metCyrus — “She has the frame of a prepubescent child, not a 20-year-old woman.”

The supposed expert speculates the star weighs only “98 pounds.”

Life & Style further claims that Cyrus’ appearance has friends “concerned” about her health, quoting a so-called “pal” as saying, “She’s barely eating. It’s really unhealthy. She’s dealing with so much stress right now.”

The mag then goes on to rehash old, false storiesabout Cyrus supposedly being driven to the brink by her parents’ divorce and purported problems with Liam Hemsworth.

But it’s all nonsense.

Cyrus has been roughly the same weight ever since she got into pilates more than a year ago.

She takes care of her body by eating healthy — and is absolutely NOT staving herself, as the mag’s “source” claims.

In any case, Gossip Cop checked in with a Cyrus insider, who tells us the tabloid’s story is totally “not true.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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