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Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Olivia Wilde Showcase 4th of July Style for Morning, Noon and Night

Published on July 5, 2013 by   ·   No Comments’s not easy keeping the flag-colored theme going from the moment you wake ’til last call at the bar, but these three A-listers offer three equally stylish looks for three different times of day!

First up is Kate Bosworth displaying the perfect early-morning outfit. The Big Surstar’s jean short and flag-print top are just the airy attire you want to be wearing when you stroll down to the local coffee shop for your morning cup of joe. The combo is easy and breezy but still shows some patriotic spirit!

By the time the noon heat rolls around, it’s time to hit the water. We love that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley puts a spin on the classic stars and stripes swimsuit with this mix & match style. The blue-pattern bottoms keep the holiday color pattern going once that flag T comes off for swim time.

And finally, Olivia Wilde takes us into the evening with a look fit for fireworks viewing or holiday clubbing. Her pops of pale blue and red among the sleek black pants and jacket are the perfect way to honor the festivities without continuing the day in costume.

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