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7 Things We Learned From Twitter About Lindsay Lohan’s Birthday Celebration

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rs_560x415-130702153135-1024.LLohan.msFlash. Bang. Wow. It’s Lindsay Lohan‘s birthday.

The birthday girl and former Fornarina spokeswoman turns 27-years-old today and she’s not gonna let a little thing like a locked rehab center get in the way of having the happiest B-dayever.

“Reading your ‪#happybdaylilo tweets. These are awesome!” Team Lindsay tweeted this afternoon (LiLo isn’t supposed to be tweeting from rehab, so she’s got peeps on the case). “Thank you guys. Happy bday July babies!”

Here is what we were able to gather about how she’ll celebrate the big day:

1. First of All, It Is Her Birthday: And she’s not afraid to remind

(This tweet has since been deleted. She never did get that HuffPost B-day wish.)

2. The Festivities Will Be en InglesWhen a fan tweeted at Lindsay in Portuguese, the team behind the star of Mean Girls (and NOT Las Chicas Malas) replied:

“wish I knew spanish. I assume this is something sweet.”

You know what they say about assuming, though this time it really only made an ass out of one person: The message said that Lindsay would live longer if she stopped doing drugs, which the tweeter later explained in a subtweet (after deleting her original tweet, claiming that she never thought Lindsay would see it).

3. There Will Be No Haters Welcome: Earlier in the day, Lindsay’s people had tweeted, “Happy Birthday Lindsay! Team Lohan” To which one catty tweeter quickly snarked, “Did you just tweet yourself that? F–ktard!” they cooly quipped back:

“no my digital team, but nice catch genius.”

4. Orphans Are Welcome Though: The account @Orphanage tweeted Lindsay, saying, “our children wishes you happy birthday, hope you have a good one” Team Lindsay replied:

give them hugs for me!”

The more orphans the merrier at a Lohan party!

5. She’s OK Sharing Her Birthday: Lindsay isn’t one of those birthday girls who needs allthe attention on her. If your bithday is July 2, she’ll gladly wish you a happy birthday right back. Team Lohan responded to, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOO GIRL!!! LOVE YOU!!!” with:

Happy bday – have the best day ever!”

6. Because Her Birthday Is More Important: Lindsay doesn’t care if you were born on July 2, because her birthday lasts all week. One tweeter @replied her, saying, “Today should be a national holiday because its ‪@lindsaylohan’s birthday. ‪#truth ‪#happybirthdaylindsay” Lindsay’s peeps tweeted back:

well you’re in luck – you have thursday off.”

This Thursday, July 4, is the day we nationally celebrate Lindsay Lohan’s birthday (and nothing else). Kind of like how you have one birthday party for your family and one party with your friends. Make sure you thank LiLo for being born and getting you the day off work!

7. So Make Sure You Let Everyone Know: It is LINDSAY LOHAN’S BIRTHDAY, people. So stop trending stupid stuff like “#IfMyMomHadATwitter” (no one cares unless your mom isDina Lohan!). A fan wrote Lindsay to say “HappyBdayLilo” and Team LiLo replied:

make it trend worldwide”

And if you don’t, why did she even bother having a birthday this year?!

Bonus: Even Lindsay knows how terrible I Know Who Killed Me was. A fan tweeted Linds to say that she’d watch the movie twice (two times!) in one night. To which the team tweeted back, “two times too many!” Maybe she’s more self-aware than you thought…Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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