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kennyPeople were shocked to see Kanye turn up at a BET Awards after party, because he left Kim alone at home with baby North. Was he being thoughtless?

Kanye West took a break from his fatherly duties to drop by friend Jamie Foxx‘s June 30 BET Awards after party in Thousand Oaks, and can EXCLUSIVELY reveal the real reason why he left his girlfriend Kim Kardashian alone with baby North West, and it’s so adorable! Read on for all the details.


Kanye West Parties Without Kim Kardashian — It Was Her Idea

Kanye, 36, did not actually attend the 2013 BET Awards, but he joined his friend and “Gold Digger” partner Jamie at his party around midnight.

So did Kim mind that Kanye left her alone with their two-week-old baby? Not at all! In fact, she encouraged him to go, even though he didn’t want to leave her and the baby. A source close to the singer tells exclusively:

He enjoyed himself — it was good for him to get out and see the crew and kick it with the homies. He didn’t want to leave home; he wanted to stay with Kim and the baby. It kills him when he’s not home with his family. He didn’t want to go but Kim is the one who told him to go and represent. BET help put a lot of young black artists on the map and gave them exposure that they might not have had. Kim reminded him of him that and he thought he needed to go out and support and show his face at the party. He glad he did.

Kanye may have missed Kim and North, so he spent his night talking about his little girl! Our source adds that everyone at the party was congratulating Kanye on his new little bundle of joy.

Kanye couldn’t be happier he a new dad. All is talks about is his girl. At Jamie’s party everyone was just hugging him, congratulating him on the baby and being a family. Kanye got a lot of love at party; everyone in there was happy to see him. But his mind was at home, he was texting Kim the whole night, making sure she and the baby were good.

How cute!

Kanye West Parties With Jamie Foxx & T.I. After BET Awards

Kanye hung out in the VIP area with Jamie and rapper T.I., who congratulated the new dad on welcoming his baby girl on June 15. After hanging out with the VIPs, Kanye mingled with the rest of the crowd at the party and received more congratulations. He responded with a simple “thank you,” and smiled all night.

It’s great that Kim and Kanye are so supportive of each other. Kim was totally right to encourage Kanye to represent at the BET Awards, and it’s sweet that he spent his night checking on her and North.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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