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Rihanna Hoping Chris Brown Wins BET’s Best Male Artist Despite Split

Published on June 30, 2013 by   ·   No Comments is the definition of class. Despite a nasty breakup with Chris Brown that included a harsh Twitter feud, a source close to RiRi tells us EXCLUSIVELY that she’s still in his corner.

Chris Brown is up for the Best Male R&B Artist award tonight, June 30, at the BET Awards, and you’ll be shocked to hear who’s rooting for him to win.


Rihanna Supporting Chris Brown At BET Awards

A source tells us exclusively that despite a bad breakup and all the other great nominees – Bruno MarsMiguelJustin Timberlake, and Usher – Rihanna still wants Chris to take home the award.

“You know she does,” says the source. “It’s going to be tough as nails for him to pull it off, but she’s hoping he’ll win.”

Rihanna arguably knows Chris better than anyone, and the source states that she understands how much it’ll mean to Chris if he wins. “He needs this more than ever now. It would help his confidence and lift his head up and she really hopes he gets it.”

Rihanna & Chris Brown: ‘They’re Cool’ Now

The Unapologetic singer’s sentiments prove how maturely she’s now handling her split from Chris. It can’t be easy breaking up with your boyfriend and watching him go back to his ex, and Rihanna did lash out occasionally — a few tweets come to mind — but she’s clearly no longer holding a grudge.

Another source told us exclusively that any ill will the two stars had towards each other has been dropped. “They’re cool; the respect is there, and so is love. It’s squashed now. She’s doing her tour and he’s here, besides what’s the point? They already said what they had to say to each other way back when,” the source insists.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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