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Justin Bieber’s 6 Hottest Hookup Rumors

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justinJustin seems to be shacking up with a new girl, model Jordan Ozuna, but this isn’t the first time the young Casanova has been rumored to have a new girlfriend. The Biebs has been the subject of someone the juiciest hookup claims — some that have even included a few of our other favorite stars!

Part of being one of the most desirable men in Hollywood is that you’re going to be in the middle of a few rumors once in awhile. And though a source told exclusively that Justin Bieber and model Jordan Ozuna did have a romantic, PDA-filled date, the random rendezvous reminded us of a handful of other Bieber romances that turned out to be more conjecture than anything else.


Justin Bieber: He Hooked Up With Who!?

The best Bieber romance rumors have always involved other stars. First of all, who could forgetBarbara Palvin, the hookup rumor that allegedly broke up Justin and Selena Gomez for the first time? After Justin performed at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in November 2012, they were reportedly spotted flirting backstage, and the two took a sexy picture together. A month later, another report claimed that the Biebs and the lingerie model hooked up while in Miami. That was enough to cause a huge blowout fight between Selena and Justin that led to their split. Now more than six months have past and still — no confirmation on Justin and Barbara!

A few other star-studded Justin hookup claims have been even more circumstantial. After Jelena broke apart, a new report surfaced claiming that Selena dumped Justin because he was having an affair… with Rihanna! Though it’s the hardest thing to picture ever, Life & Style reported that Justin and RiRi got it on multiple times while she was staying at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, Calif.

As far as the rumor mill is concerned, Justin is quite busy, not wasting a second of his single life. Soon after Justin and Selena broke up for the second time, rumors swelled that he had another lady lined up – Miley Cyrus. The gossip started on June 8 when Justin was spotted leaving Miley’s house. And it only swelled when the two singers were seen grinding at an L.A. hotspot. But even though it might have been a match made in pop singer heaven, Miley squashed the rumors with two big words: “I’m engaged.”

Justin Bieber: More Random Hookup Rumors

Justin’s also been said to be involved with a few not-so-famous ladies. The whispers got especially loud when he was in England earlier this year. Not only did a mystery blonde became of major interest when she was seen entering and leaving Justin’s hotel in London, but he was also rumored to be hooking up with Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke, an aspiring singer who was actually involved with Tay James, Justin’s DJ.

Finally, the Biebs was linked to Milyn Jensen, an aspiring model who Justin allegedly got hot and heavy with while he was still dating Selena, according to a Star report.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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