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Kris & Bruce Jenner on “Trial Separation”?

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113837528-214x300Kris and Bruce Jenner are on a “trial separation,” reports RadarOnline.

The webloid, which last year claimed the couple was faking their happy marriage for television, now says Bruce is “refusing to give up his Malibu beach house rental — even after Kris ordered him to return to the family residence in Calabassas.”

According to a so-called “insider” for the site, “Kris called Bruce on Thursday morning, and ordered him to give up the Malibu beach house, which he is now refusing to do.”

The purported “source” alleges, “Kris doesn’t want him back in the house because she misses him,” but rather to “save face” and preserve the public’s image of their marriage.

So, yes, this is basically the same exact story as the blog’s previous drivel about the couple supposedly splitting, which never amounted to anything.

Still, RadarOnline goes on to claim that Bruce also ”decided to ditch the family home because he was constantly being told to be quiet” due to the presence of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new baby North West.


It’s a mansion.

There’s lots of room people to make noise without disturbing others.

Also, Kardashian and West have another private residence they’ve been staying in, so the trio is not even living in the Jenners’ home full-time.

Moreover, Kris just said on Thursday’s “Access Hollywood” that while Bruce likes to spend time at the Malibu beach house, he still “sleeps at home.”

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a Kardashian family insider, who tells us the blog’s story is “NOT true,” and Bruce has absolutely NOT moved out of the family home, and “all is fine” between him and Kris.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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