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Paparazzi Make It “Harder” for Paris, Prince Jackson to “Grieve,” Says Co-Guardian

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Jacksons-252x300T.J. Jackson, the nephew of Michael Jackson, took the witness stand at the late music icon’s wrongful death trial on Thursday, testifying about the impact the tragedy has had on the singer’s kids.

T.J., who last year became co-guardian ofParisPrince, and Blanket with their grandmother Katherine, said the pervasive paparazzi culture in Los Angeles has only compounded the family’s loss.

Michael famously often kept his children’s faces covered in public to afford them privacy, but now the kids are regularly seen without any disguises.

“In my opinion, I know it’s making everything harder for the kids to grieve and recover and progress,” T.J. reportedly said of the paparazzi.

He added, “It’s, just to be frank, a complete annoyance. It’s awful.”

He also echoed actress Halle Berry‘s desire for legislation that would limit the paparazzi’s ability to photograph of the children of celebrities and other public figures.

T.J., who further testified that he believes his uncle was “murdered,” spoke specifically aboutParis’ troubles since Michael’s 2009 death.

“The loss of my uncle has hit her at a different level and she’s in a tough spot, but we’re loving her and doing everything we can,” he said, noting “she was daddy’s girl.”

“My uncle was her world,” he continued. ”My uncle gave them more love and for it to be taken away, it’s been very hard for Paris, and for all of them.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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