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New Couple Alert! Brody Jenner Dating Sexy Model Bryana Holly

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rs_560x415-130626181152-1024.JennerHolly.jl.062613_copySorry, guys, but this hunk is off the market.

E! News confirms that Brody Jenner is officially dating sexy, blond model Bryana Holly, a Huntington Beach, Calif., native who was named Miss September 2012 by TransWorld Surf.

“They have only been hanging out for a little while and it just kind of snowballed into what it is now.”

And “what it is now” is a few PDA-filled photographs of the duo on Instagram, enjoying the honeymoon stage of their relationship as well as a recent trip to Hawaii.

Holly posted a couple precious snapshots of her and her beau, with each of them smiling for the camera and one where they’re sharing a big, fat smooch while on the beach.

This relationship is the first public romance for Jenner since his breakup with Avril Lavignein January 2012.

Brody and Avril dated for two years, and even got matching tattoos of each other’s name on their rib cage, before deciding to call it quits.

When Jenner’s not engaging in boyfriend responsibilities, he’s making his numerous fans completely and utterly jealous of his travels through photos posted on Twitter and Instagram.

“Chase your dreams, It’s worth it.. Mine is traveling the planet we inhabit… What’s yours?” he wrote while on a plane with a ridiculously amazing photo of the clouds.

And the photos definitely didn’t stop during his island getaway.

“Exploring the island of Lanai in this bad boy,” he tweetedwith a photo of a helicopter, later followed by a gorgeoussnapshot of the beach and a bottle a tequila.

“The best way to celebrate my last day in paradise @Casamigos .”

Luckily, Brody didn’t seem to get into too much trouble while in Hawaii, unlike that one time he went ATV racing with Rob Kardashian and pals.

Kardashian ended up flipping his ATV while racing with the guys, but luckily was not injured. In fact, it kind of became the star’s initiation.

Brody tweeted, “Big thanks to #articcat #wildcat for letting us thrash today! Glad @robkardashian walked away from this one lol.. now u are officially a Jenner!!”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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